Last year was a dark time for them and we got heartbreakingly beautiful songs about love and hiding it away. This year I am really looking forward to happier tunes like “La La La We Are Married”, “MIA Fun Times”, and “Lol People Still Don’t Know?”


on the plus side, I found something that finds your untagged posts if you want to go back and ya know

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trans people are not responsible for cis people’s transphobia

to expand on this, it is not our job to make it “easier” for cis people to accept us. transphobes are always going to be transphobic, regardless of whether or not we use certain gender identities or pronoun sets.

cis people who do not accept ALL forms of transness instead of more “popular” forms of transness are completely transphobic.


This was a very eventful week!

As always, please let me know if there are any errors or omissions, preferably with proof of some kind.

Last week’s recap is here, and they are all tagged weekly recap.

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QuestionDid someone really bring a sign that said "Michael Sam will burn in hell"?!? What the fuck? Answer


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Question"Imagine if he saw the “Harry, Michael Sam will burn in hell sign,” but DIDN’T also get to see a rainbow “We love you Harry, no matter what” sign. Imagine HOW MUCH WORSE that would be." this comment by kindasharethatreally pretty much sums it up why our support is so important. Answer


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QuestionMy parents have asked me numerous times if Louis was gay, back when they were just getting big and just recently when midnight memories came out they questioned me again. Both of them now are aware of my beliefs that Harry and Louis are gay and have no problems embracing my liking them and supporting them, they even find interest in nagging me about it and buying me their products which shows they don't care about any love preferences and I think other parents won't be any different. Answer

There are other reasons why they should stop marketing to children, dear.

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QuestionI'm terrified by how often the Larry side of the fandom is monitored. I guess you could say I have that prisoner mentality about discussing things openly anymore. I'm so scared all this rebranding talk & Modest being gone soon is only going to piss their team off enough to shut us up with something noteworthy. I know it's coming,things never stay positive in this band,the other shoe always drops. But I love your blog and I appreciate your knowledge about the industry.....but I'm still scared lol Answer





Yeah, I tend to publish things on this blog with the assumption that people from their team will see it (hello there!) which is why I tend to speak more openly when I’m just privately messaging people that I’m a bit more familiar with rather than posting publicly.

That said, I don’t think it’s healthy to be afraid to talk about things in general. Whether they see it or not, if they’re in the process of a transition or a rebranding or whatever, they’re not going to stop just because people are talking about it on tumblr.

Their team isn’t all-powerful, and while they may have money at the forefront of their minds, they’re not vindictive prison wardens that are looking for an excuse to punish you or anyone else. Don’t be afraid to think and use your logical reasoning skills.

How come anons always say THIS, and not something like, “Oh my god, can you imagine if there WASN’T a huge network of Larry blogs and Twitter accounts out there, letting Harry and Louis and TPTB know just how much vocal and committed support there is for these two? Can you imagine how much more alone they would probably feel? Can you imagine how much easier it would be for TPTB to justify the closet?”

That’s the argument I want to see people start making.

Yes, yes, yes. The fact that they are watching us isn’t “scary” or “creepy” as I’ve heard a lot of people say. We are publicly posting our opinions on the internet - of course the people and brand that we are opining on are interested.

The closeting and homophobic marketing isn’t our fault. Harry and Louis weren’t heavily closeted because too many people noticed and liked their relationship. They were heavily closeted because One Direction was trying to break into a homophobic market. TPTB knew that Louis would be easily read as gay, so they took steps to prevent that from happening.

The fandom was encouraged to turn against Larry shippers not because we were hurting Harry and Louis in any way, but for three reasons that I can see:

  1. If it became widely known in middle America that they were together, that would jeopardize the band’s US success (I actually don’t really buy this point, because I don’t think an online community would easily convince the homophobic crowd of this);
  2. A fandom filled with vocal, visible LGBTQA+ people and supporters is not a fandom that homophobes want to be part of, and they were looking to attract a homophobic market; and
  3. If the LGBTQA+ fans and supporters became too vocal, Harry and Louis would be encouraged to come out, would want to come out, and would not cooperate with the closet. Scaring Larry shippers/supporters into silence removed that support, and made them easier to manage. (Thanks to @ziamstylinson4life for bringing this point to my attention).

Just imagine how important our LOUD, VOCAL, VISIBLE support must be for Harry, as he keeps taking steps out of the closet that draw the ire of a large segment of the fandom. Imagine if he saw the “Harry, Michael Sam will burn in hell sign,” but DIDN’T also get to see a rainbow “We love you Harry, no matter what” sign. Imagine HOW MUCH WORSE that would be.

Think of Louis! If he were silenced, his entire fanbase would consist of people who think that he is a homophobic person who dropped his best friend because of gay rumours. If that were his fanbase, how confident could he feel that he would have ANY fans left after coming out? Then remember the story of a young fan telling him that she was gay and that he had helped her feel so much better about herself. Remember his response, “I don’t see how that could be true.” The way he has been portrayed has been hurtful to him, and has alienated many of the fans who he most needed to keep. Imagine what a relief it must be to know that there are thousands of people who can see through the lies, and who support him for who he actually is.

This is why Rainbow Direction is so important too. We can’t stop people from slinging hurtful messages at the boys, but we can make sure that they see messages of acceptance right alongside them. Think of Harry giving a smile and thumbs up to rainbow signs at virtually every show. Remember too that Louis twice wore a rainbow shirt when no Rainbow Direction participants were going to be present. They know, and they appreciate.

There is no reason to be scared, or to censor yourself because management might be looking. Blog as if the boys are reading, and they need every bit of support they can get. We HAVE to be loud, and we HAVE to be visible, if we’re going to effect any positive change at all.

And think about it this way, too.  The only reason we know anything at all is because Harry and Louis resisted being closeted.  The things we blog and reblog are moments where they told us what’s really going on.  They knew the consequences of those actions much better than we do, yet they chose to take them anyway.  Support them by supporting those actions.  I don’t know how you get up the guts to wear a rainbow shirt in front of basically the whole world when you’re not yet technically out so…that’s my icon. :)


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QuestionIs it true Harry posted this and then really fast deleted ? pbs(.)twimg(.)com/media/BwjIIpFCAAAmh3Q(.)jpg (i'm sorry for this dumb question but I don't know about lot of things and this one is one of them and I can't anything about it) Answer

No, it’s not true.

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QuestionHey, so im a bit pissed cause i went to this lecture we had at school which was marketing, and she started talking about age groups and one direction came up, and she started talking about how to attract 12 year olds and i was like?????? My class know i like them and no one can take me seriously, it just pisses me off that they are being marketed and seen like this, (1) Answer

and she almost stood there and made fun of them and stuff, she was like “how do we attract young girls to good looking guys?”, i sat with my mouth open, like YEAH they are good looking but what the fuck they are musicians not fucking objects im so so pissed (2)


Honestly though, this is how they are currently marketed. And few people are going to be able to see past the marketing, or to realize that marketing does not equal reality.

But also realistically, there’s only so much longer you can market 20-something young men to 12-year-old girls. Something is eventually going to break.

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QuestionM: (1) I was introduced with this craziness bc my little cousins. We were just worried about the whole social media interaction & the influence that it might have on them, so we decided to monitor what they were doing. I’m young enough that my cousins can trust me & old enough for their parents to respect me. Now I’m here drowning in deep dirty waters. I just want to thank you for the incredible job that you and other mature & educated people are bringing into the conversation. Answer

M: (2) This’s the kind of the conversation that I want my cousins are exposed to. An environment for them & us, to grow becoming a more talkative society without the fears to express & be ourselves. Thanks for all the hard work and the many hours spent on these issues.