Steal my girl - 3 days to go

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Steal My Girl - 3 Days To Go

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QuestionI don't know about wherever Julian is from, but in the Czech republic, we definitely have anchors on ropes... youtube(.)com/watch?v=PKQzvDsX9GI 14:40-14:57 ... just remembered this moment from this lovely movie and couldn't resist sharing because the way it's cut contributes to the discussion so nicely : ) Answer


I thought for a moment that he threw the anchor in the water without it being attached to the rope, but I guess it is?


No that’s exactly what I mean! It /was/ all in good fun. He wasn’t intentionally trying to “deny” anything, he was just fucking with you because he obviously knows what you believe and that’s just how he is. It’s like when someone deliberately disagrees with you and uses stupid arguments against yours to rile you up and annoy you, my dad is like that. But see, you saw it for what it was and didn’t get pissed and freak out which I commend you for. And like you said, he followed you after. Which he doesn’t often do for fans. Basically I was referring to the people making it into a serious thing and writing up text posts hating on him. It was just a silly thing, not something to get upset over. So anyway, that’s what I meant lol

Nick and Dan talk about Ol’ Barfy Styles.

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QuestionThrough the powers bestowed in me by being an anon larry tinhat, I would like to make Louis get a chain and a bow (and to really drive home the point a dagger to complete the iconography). Because he likes to help me with my SATs. Answer


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QuestionWhen I read Julian's exchange about the tattoos, I saw it as him acting "dumb" on purpose in order to engage. He knows that H/L are together and the significance of the tattoos. Of course he isn't going to divulge any information, but he likes to walk on the edge. "Oh, is that what that means? I had no idea." I just see it as another example of plausible deniability. He says something, but not really. Just a thought. Answer

This makes a lot of sense to me.

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QuestionCan you just let it go, just for once? He was either trolling or he truly didn't know what the girl was referring to (just because we're heavily focused on harry and louis, doesn't mean everybody is, as someone said). He's not trying to accomplish anything Answer


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QuestionWhat I don't get is why Julian care so much that we think Harry and Louis' tattoos go together. I mean, yeah, an arrow needs a bow to work and an anchor anchors the ship. But he's basically saying that the rope isn't important becase you can use "anything" to attach the anchor to the ship. And Louis' arrow and Harry's heart don't match because there's no bow, is that what he's saying? Well, he can pretend anchor/rope and heart/arrow don't go together. He hasn't convinced me. Answer

And what person with a functioning brain is he going to persuade? Who is going to be willing to cover their eyes whenever they walk into a Hallmark store based on what he says? I don’t get the point or reason.


Apparently he’s never heard of Cupid shooting hearts with arrows, and apparently he’s never gone on a boat that uses a rope with an anchor.  I’ve never been on one with a chain.




#[quietly shoves this up julian’s ass] (bulletproofhalo)

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Questionwhoa! i'm surprised by the taylor swift opinion. could you go more in depth as to why you think that? i'm curious to know. (if you aren't comfortable with explaining, you totally don't have to) Answer


no it’s totally fine!

before anyone comes into my ask box calling me fake i’ve seen taylor swift three times in concert because, generally, i enjoy her songs (though i am not impressed by her new album so far). okay anyway.

here are the positives: taylor pretty much self-manages. she’s incredibly smart, business savvy, and she pays attention to the fandom and industry trends around her. she makes money! and she’s really good at it!

what i don’t like is that she capitalizes on her fans’ ideals to create a hit song/record/whatever. for example, as of right now she’s really into feminism and being independent and celebrating womanhood which like, is great yk she probably is “learning” and “growing up” to some extent but if you look at what she’s actually DONE instead of just listening to her talk about it in interviews i really don’t see any progression in her behavior. so she calls out amy and tina for putting other women down right? great. but then why is she still making a song that focuses on her “feud” with katy perry???? what happened to her “not wanting to put other women down?” she wants to leave boys behind? awesome! but wait, why are there like five songs for haylor on the album? they “”“”“dated”“”“” for like three months, two years ago. like, it should have been /let go/.

she also has made it a point recently to say that calling her out for writing about exes is “sexist.” this i don’t understand either because, if im speaking in terms of the examples SHE USED, ed sheeran DID get a lot of flack for “don’t” (if i remember correctly, people compared him to taylor swift herself) and bruno mars is always pretty vague when it comes to his lyrics although I know he’s been referred to as misogynistic. so like?? taylor, please get better examples because i’m lost as to what point you’re making here.

ALSO i think it’s important to point out that it’s FINE(!!!) to talk about exes and past lovers in songs, like, that’s what most music is based off of. what’s NOT fine is when taylor whines about how people draw these connections in her music and subsequently call her out for being fake as hell when, if you listen to her songs, there are VERY SPECIFIC easter eggs (and clues in her ACTUAL lyric books) that are MOST DEFINITELY written in the songs so fans can speculate on her previous relationships. and yk like i get it!!! this is her thing, her schtick. she dates people for the papers and both parties get publicity; she gets a song out of it, her boyfriend of the season gets talked about for the next five years, and they both make money. that is all fine and dandy and i am a-okay with how the industry works. what i don’t like is how she just doesn’t own up to it. literally, i would like her so much more if she just said, “yes i write about all my relationships and I make it very obvious. my life is an open book and fans appreciate it.”

on that note i would also like her to personally thank harry for her “successful” image change. if you don’t think haylor wasn’t a completely calculated move in order to make her image more independent and “grown up” then i don’t know what to say to you. also out of the woods 100% uses her weird manipulative psychology methods to simultaneously make herself the victim (as per usual) while also making it seem like she’s taking the high road. 

IN SUMMARY, taylor’s songs and experiences don’t come from a genuine place because she is not a genuine person. this is a game to make money and she’s winning.


Per Julian.

Is that damage control?  

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