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Questionlots of love xx itgcom.)wpengine.)netdna-cdn.)com/wp-content/uploads3/2013/05/3.-gold-glitter-hair-web.)jpg Answer


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QuestionYeah, well in my mum's shop they send people to the public toilets that are like two shops away, so it's not that bad ;) They just have a strict no people except employees in the behind the scenes part, no family, no friends, no one. Just employees and the police is allowed to go there. It's where the safe is, the money is, the stuff from the employees etc. Where I work we even have to take care to keep drug addicts outside of our rooms, definitely not letting them use our toilet. Answer

Something for me to keep in the mind the next time I have to go while out in public! 

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Questionhi! i feel like i missed what the significance of the blue bandana is? could you please explain? thank you! Answer

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QuestionAngela, i'm seeing a very interesting masterpost about "homeless" Harry, and was wondering if you have a tag on your blog about this matter...? I'm really intrigued, i've come to the fandom around the heart and arrow tattoos so i'm trying to catch up on old stuff! Thanks in advance :) Answer

It’s all in here. <3

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QuestionHaha, right so no toilet for non paying people, no matter who they are :D Would've been the same where my mum works or where I work. Answer

Wandering the world with a full bladder and no place to put it.

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QuestionI was browsing CDs the other day and heard a couple of kids looking at the 5sos album and saying how cool they were then they stopped right beside me to look at the 1D albums and got pissed cause the only one available was Midnight Memories but she wanted to look at UAN. Idk just remembered about all that talk about 5sos catering to the fans 1D will lose during the rebrand Answer

So an example of a 5sos fan preferring ‘classic 1D’ to ‘new 1D’. Huh.


PLS is this real i can’t breathe

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QuestionI wasn't around for last tour, but I've seen posts about it, and so I think a random article linking Harry with a girl that everyone already knows has a boyfriend isn't as bad as it could be. Answer


You’re a smart cookie, anon.  Things are better.  They aren’t perfect, but they are certainly better.  This tour we have had:

-Minimal Elounor.  And when we do get any, Louis is throwing so much shade at it that it’s obvious why we are getting the absolute minimum.

-Minimal Harry+whatever vagina.  Last tour was a near constant stream of articles and PR stunts linking him to various women.  This tour we’ve barely had any.

-Increase in the visibility of the other boys.  Liam, Zayn, and Niall are all doing a great job of taking on promo/PR…especially during times when H/L are MIA.  

The above plus ALL of the positive changes we’ve seen happen for H/L (they’ve gotten an increase in MIA time, their families have gotten to interact more visibly again, the ‘no longer friends’ narrative is no longer being pushed, etc.) have made this tour far better than TMH.

And if you look at how promo time was last year, the differences are especially evident.

So like I said, things may not be perfect yet, but things have been getting better, and that makes me happy, because H/L definitely deserve it.

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QuestionIt's definitely not a contest in approaching to people. There is no one who counts how many people you have "convinced" like in church :D It's important to know/see when people won't believe anyways. If people ask me about my religion it's totally ok, they are interested, do I maybe make a little remark sometimes, what or why I do some things, yes. Do I actually try to convince people to believe something definitely not, when people don't want to listen it's not worth the time :D Answer

I laughed at the church analogy!

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QuestionHarry had a wristband on at the Coldplay concert. I was waiting to see how long he'd keep it on. To my utter shock I didn't have to wait long, it was gone by the time he left the club. Amazing. Answer


LMAO fuck

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QuestionThe frustrating thing is when you approach someone older who actively participates in the lies and attempt to calmly and rationally have a dialogue about the possibility that what they believe is not entirely accurate, they get so enraged and defensive. I said, "The fact is, we have no idea where Louis was while the others were in Vegas and Harry was in LA." That is a FACT, that is not speculating or inferring, that is a fact. You would think I had said the devil was a saint, the reaction I got. Answer

I try not to focus too much on trying to persuade individuals. Some people are very closed-minded and won’t be convinced by any argument, and it’s best to recognize that.

Notice how that doesn’t translate into giving up making your arguments altogether.


I feel like his hair is a metaphor; when it is free, so is he

QuestionI know women in their *20s* who cannot/will not see beyond the facade because they can't comprehend the boys would lie. They actively acknowledge some things are sketch but won't go beyond that because it all comes back to the inability to accept the lie. It runs so, so deep I'm constantly amazed. It's what I expect of (and see from) my 9-year-old sister, not my peers. Answer

I have a lot more sympathy for the kids than for the adults who bought into this shit. You have to make a decision to actively participate in the lies, and that is exactly what a lot of people do: I don’t care what the facts are, I’ll believe whatever I am told (but they couldn’t possibly lie to me), etc etc. And yes, it runs very deep. But if you are faced with a choice between acknowledging things as they are, or further repression…. repression is going to blow up on you sooner or later.

QuestionI still haven't fully recovered from your "harry magee’s stuffed animal dungeon" reference from yesterday. I don't think I'll ever be able to look a stuffed animal in the eye again... Answer


LOL it’s right up there with “rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again)… i have this horrible image of RBB trapped somewhere in harry magee’s possession. 

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QuestionI can't remember if it was your blog, or whose blog I saw it on, but one anon had a list of like five questions that they would ask het girls to try to explain away Harry and Louis. The only one I remember is, "Why would Louis and Harry end their friendship over gay rumors, but Harry still stay friends with Nick, an openly gay man?" I wish I knew what blog I saw those questions on, because I sure could use them right now!! Answer

Or why would Harry continue to do things to spark gay rumors, including acting highly homoerotic on stage, including clinging to the blue bandana despite what fans think, including showing a strong attachment to the bracelet of Louis’ mother’s wedding. There’s actually a long list of questions you could ask: if A is true, then why…..I think you can come up with a list of questions on your own.