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Question(1)Its actually unbelievable that people still honestly think Harry is straight, theres so many rumors about him and its hilarious watching whoever is behind the scene trying to cover up the gay rumors with stories about him sleeping with women. Answer

(2) And its actually really frustrating when you see his own fans using these articles AGAINST him to try and ‘prove’ that hes straight. Especially Elounor Shippers or even Harry girls.

(3) Im not saying they all do this but Ive been in this fandom long enough to see how articles like that split the fandom in half, some try to use it to deter gay rumors and some try and defend Harry anyway, because this fandom is so ignorant


It really is hilarious to watch sometimes!

And frustrating too.

Define absurdity.

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QuestionThe anon with the public lives here - my message was supposed to be a positive one. Thinking they are together, we (believers in harry&louis' love) actually don't buy their public persona crap, whereas the non-shippers do, because we understand they have to maintain that sort of image. May I ask how come you interpreted as negative? PS: I didn't go away, but came back for clarification. Answer

The way that you worded your message made it indistinguishable from all of the many people who argue that you are not allowed to think Harry and Louis are not-straight, because it’s an invasion of privacy (the double standards are clear). I was not interested in rehashing an argument that I must have had hundreds of time by now—especially because I really did need to go. I have a long day ahead of me, and this fifteen minutes might very well be my only free time for the next eight hours (other than a half-hour lunch).

Sorry for misunderstandings.

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QuestionHarry and Louis don't owe their personal lives to the public, but only to themselves. Fans need to separate between their private lives and their public/business personas. The root of a lot of drama is caused by the lack of this distinguishment. Answer

You mean public lives like this?

QuestionI added some tags to your post; I think the fandom would have learned to be okay with Harry and Louis together had they not been lied to, told it offended Louis. and then had Eleanor brought into the situation. Now, to admit that they were wrong, means they accept they were lied to and fooled- and no one wants to admit to being foolish. Answer

I saw your tags and I think you’re right, but only partially. Because if you think that Harry is dating another man—and since I’ve been in the 1D fandom I’ve heard it all, from the 5sos boys to Cal—then you pretty much think that things are being hidden and a false story is being put out. No, what makes Louis unique, what has created the ‘anyone but Louis’ mentality, is that it’s only people who think Harry is dating Louis who are told that they are crazy and hateful and subject to dehumanizing language like ‘all the little tinhats’ . And nobody likes that.

I myself get really tired at times of constantly being subject to online abuse.

No wonder the 1D fandom so often reads like a social experiment helloooooo Milgram experiment.

People will very often suspend their own powers of judgment to defer to hazy sources of authority.

Looking at how easily people believe Harry is dating a man—any man but Louis—just from things like Harry spending time with that man, it strikes me that a lot of people don’t have a problem with thinking Harry is gay. They just have a problem with believing Harry is with Louis, because it’s such a verboten topic.

And if the 1D fandom has taught me anything, it’s taught me just how readily people will suspend their own powers of observation and judgment to defer to authority. And that even very smart people very often do not critique the source or validity of authority.


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Aka the times Harry and Louis looked femme next to each other and my lady parts exploded.


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bisexual hate is totally 100% rooted in heteronormative and puritanical ideas of sexual morality, so when gay and lesbian monosexuals perpetuate biphobia, they are by extension perpetuating the heteropatriarchy. if you are biphobic, the only people you’re benefiting are straight people. smash the heteropatriarchy—support bisexuals.



How do I make a living out of my love for 1d

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"DD: Even like the question, “Oh, so you have a gay sex scene in this movie?”
DR: Yeah, why is it not just “a sex scene”?
DD: They’re never like “so, you have a straight sex scene in this movie.” Even the fact they have to qualify it is an interesting kind of homophobia."
— Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe for GQ (x)



you know that stage you went through where you hated being a girl and you just resented yourself and everything having to do with girly things because you were so sick of pink and barbies being pushed on you so you like full force rejected that shit and you were just so full of hate and vitriol at anything even the slightest bit “girly” yeah gender norms will fuck you up

I remember that stage quite well.