So interesting moment here at the 30 second mark. Liam and Louis are sharing a mic, and Liam puts his face too close to Louis’, and Louis immediately moves away and gives Liam a _look_. And then for the rest of the segment, Louis keeps distance between his and Liam’s faces. Another little piece leading me to believe that Liam is bicurious and expressing that bicuriosity through Louis — and Louis isn’t having it, of course.

(In contrast is another interview where Harry and Louis shared a mic, and each time they went to say something, they would put their face close to the other’s before moving to the mic. Which, of course, I can’t find right now.)

But yes, Liam has a way of putting himself between Harry and Louis through more than just “cockblocking” (a term I am not overly fond of). At one point I’ll make a proper post making a proper argument.

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