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QuestionI hate it how people are like "Harry and Louis aren't that close anymore because management has forbidden them everything!" Am I really the only one who believes that they've just become more serious about their relationship? Like, when you're with someone, in the beginning you are completely in love and everything is perfect and cute and adorable. I don't think they've grown apart or anything, they've just become more mature now that they've been together for such a long time. Answer

Well, certainly at the beginning they seemed to be in the giddy stage. And I think a lot of the high amounts of PDA is probably a direct reaction to the conditions they’re under. But I think a lot of the things we see, like Louis and Harry refraining from interacting with each other in public, is not their choice. Not with stuff like Louis looking just a teeny bit upset over Harry’s interactions with Niall and then flashing what looks like sign language to Harry. They’re under a lot of obvious pressure. They’re being restrained.

But the argument that Louis and Harry aren’t close friends anymore because management won’t let them interact—that’s an explanation in excess, is it not? They don’t interact either because they’re not close friends OR their management restrains them in public. No need to have both explanations operating at once….

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