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QuestionIn your opinion is Zayn gay/bi? I don't want to sound like an idiot but could you rank the members of 1d based on probable sexualities, who is "most gay", bi, straight. I'm sorry if this is offensive I am not trying to be just curious I am straight and would like the opinion of someone I respect. Answer

Ha, well my opinion isn’t based on gaydar or anything, just close observation of the boys. But:

Louis: gay

Harry: gay

Liam: based on the high number of homoerotic things he’s said and done, almost certainly not straight. Anywhere from bi to gay.

Zayn: probably bi, based mostly on how physically affectionate he is with the boys, but especially with Liam whom he acts like he has a crush on.

Niall: has said and done a couple of homoerotic things, but probably almost completely straight.

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