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Hi Angela! This is response to believeforonce19’s question as to why the boys do not fire modest. While I don’t know the ins and outs of the entertainment industry, I can attempt to answer the question. As you rightfully said, the repercussions would lead to the end of One Direction without a doubt. Additionally the situation is far more complicated than simply just firing MM. Remember when the signed their contracts, as far as we are aware, Louis was still in the closet and Harry had not..

2 ..openly stated his sexuality. When they signed their contracts, these young men probably had little knowledge how deep and complicated the bearding process would be and as wide-eyed, young and enthusiastic singers they were almost certainly happy to sign the contracts. The entertainment industry is a cut-throat and ruthless business and I believe the boys were fed some sort of white-lies or sweet words about how the bearding process would be quite simple – you know- probably a few articles

3 here and there and photo ops etc. We have to remember these boys had no prior understanding of the entertainment business (the key word being business) and the darker side of it. They had very little idea of what they were signing themselves into and how big they would become. I’m even sure at the beginning it was exciting for Harry and Louis – the secrecy and covertness of it all. We have witnessed it with their lovey-dovey sign language and innuendos. As the popularity of the band has grown

4 the gay rumours have continued whilst MM have clamped down on the bearding. The boys are in too deep for them have a clean break up with the management company. We have to remember this goes beyond hiding their sexualities now – there are business dealings tied in with everything –such as Louis and Eleanor’s with Topshop. So severing their contract with MM could potentially leave the boys liable to paying millions of pounds in compensation.

5 (I am not declaring with certainty that they have a contract with Topshop but the evidence points towards some sort of deal.) MM would have had some sort of hand in it and I would not doubt if they received a percentage of the profits. So, if have been able to follow my attempt to a response, they are in this faar to deep - think The Da Vinci Code deep for them to easily just fire MM. I have so much more to add but I have a tendency to waffle so I will shut up.

6 You are welcome to disagree with my statements. Also I love your blog Angela, I’m your fangirl :D I may have spammed your ask-box. SORRY!!


Thank you for this! I appreciate you taking my initial sketchy answer and drawing it out in more detail, and I completely agree with you.

One thing I will say is that I don’t think they ever saw it as a fun lark with hidden signals and so forth. Their signal didn’t appear until the spring, when they were attempting to push out of the closet more and their management was trying harder to force them back in—see, for example, how they reacted to being forcibly separated when they were at the Mall of America. Louis acted unhappy and unpleasant to fans, both kept flashing thumbs up at fan’s Larry signs, and then they came together anyway while fans were singing one of their songs. If anything, I would say that at the beginning they were living in a glass closet with only minimal work from Louis and Harry—although they still had to hide their relationship—and the more the noose has tightened, especially starting in fall 2011, the more they’ve resisted.

But yes, it’s deeply unsympathetic to the realities of their situation to say, if they really don’t like it they can just quit.

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