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(This is a bit long, sorry.)
So what I’m getting lately, is that basically the entire reasoning behind Larry hate being acceptable, is because we’re meant to be understanding and sympathetic when it comes to how Louis feels in regards to how the public views his relationship status. Not his personality or his career choices, but his /relationship/.

It’s offensive to think he’s dating his “former” best friend, because that insinuates that he’s gay, and thinking someone is gay while they’re in a heterosexual relationship somehow hurts them mentally, physically, and emotionally. Next, as we’ve learned yesterday, it’s offensive to think Louis is single (which is valid due to his girlfriend having not been around for nearly 3 to 4 months), because it’s not right to speculate on his personal life. Despite fans being allowed to speculate on whether or not he and Eleanor will have kids, will get married, and will move in together.

This is where I’m at with the image Louis is meant to put forward, after seeing fans justify that DM. It’s the only thing I can think of, as to why this is still working. Fans feels bad for Louis, so they stick up for him all based on how his online profile reacts to situations revolving around his relationship with Eleanor. Human being!Louis Tomlinson can go without being spotted with or talking to Eleanor for months at a time, but as long as internet!Louis Tomlinson speaks about being upset at what he’s reading online, then that makes it okay for Elounor fans to lash out. It’s like that show The Following, and their fandom runs on cult-like behavior.

Elounor shippers know Louis exists, and even though they’ve never heard him actually say he hates gay rumors or that he is disgusted by people thinking he’s dating his friend and bandmate, all it takes is the /idea/ that he feels this way. They’re running off of a social media profile, that can be and is used by a corporation of other people. Elounor shippers can acknowledge the fact that celebrities aren’t the only ones using their social media accounts, yet when it comes to One Direction and Louis in particular, it’s as if a hive mindset clicks into place, and all that knowledge becomes irrelevant to them. If the person they’ve put on a pedestal; in this case Louis, is unhappy, then they’re unhappy too. No questions asked.

No matter how many times or how loudly Larry shippers say that they think harassing the families and etc. is uncalled for, as long as Louis ignores us, Elounor shippers are going to ignore us too. The don’t care that there is a positive side to the Larry fandom. They don’t care that being gay isn’t an insult. They don’t care that bearding is a common thing in the industry, and they don’t care about how Louis acted in his past. They only care about what Louis tells them over twitter, because that’s where they’ve been lead to believe he is close to them.

That Louis tweets them, and follows them, and sends them messages, and makes them feel like a friend. Real life Louis stays at home most times, and doesn’t too much care for people being in his personal business or personal space. They don’t see the differences between the two, because they’re being told it’s all the same person. Until the day comes, where Louis verbally states flat out that he did not tweet or message things to the fandom, they’re always going to believe they have his best interests at heart. And to them his best interest is not his career or reputation, it’s protecting how his relationship status is viewed by the public. They’re “defending” him against people who think he’s in a same sex relationship, and against people who think he’s single, because for some reason it is extremely important to know that Eleanor Calder exists in Louis’ life, and that reason can’t possibly be because he might be gay and she is a beard. It has to be something else, even though nothing else adds up to why it’s so crucial for the world to know she’s around. Not with the given circumstances.

Elounor shippers are mostly young girls, and they’re in the stage of growing up where you’re told to listen to your elders, and where you believe that people who claim to care about you would never lie to you. They’re being taken advantage of, simply because of what they believe at their current ages. Twitter!Louis is constantly reassuring fans that he loves them, but only as long as they love Eleanor too. If you don’t, you’re not his fan or his friend. They’re being bullied into accepting her into their lives, just so their idol won’t talk down to them. Older Elounor shippers… I have no clue why they’ve fallen for the drama, but not everyone thinks the same and I understand that. Some people are just plain old homophobic, and some just truly don’t see it I guess.

In any case, I think it is getting better. I was in the Eleanor Calder tag, and saw someone getting asked if Eleanor was still her fashion icon, and the girl said: “No not really. She’s never around anymore, and all she did was date Louis anyway, so Eleanor is kind of irrelevant to me now.” That was interesting to see, because while she may be only one of a few, this Elounor hiatus has at least opened some Elounor shippers up to seeing that El isn’t famous. They’re seeing that once she is no longer by Louis’ side, all they’re left with is a random girl from England. So even if Eleanor shows up, I do hope more Elounor shippers start to realize that they’re only fans of her, because she carries the title of being Louis’ girlfriend. They’re only fans of her, because they’re being told to be, otherwise they can’t be fans of Louis. However, once she is separated from him, you have no one left to be a fan of. You can’t be a fan of someone who isn’t producing something for you to consume.

And as a disclaimer, this obviously doesn’t apply to the entire Elounor fandom. Not all of y’all think this way, and I acknowledge that.

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